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Digital Marketing is fundamental for a company . The exponential growth of tools and advanced digital communication technology has made the Internet the engine of the 21st century market.

How the ads work

Much of our earnings are based on advertising shown on both Google services, websites and mobile apps of our partners. Ads allow us to keep our services free for all users. We use the data to show you these ads, but we do not sell your personal information such as name, email address and payment details.

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Brand Design & Strategy

Particular attention will be paid to branding and publicity highlighting the role of the Union as sole financial supporter of both projects.

Social Media Management

The management of Social Networks provides a constant update to get the best results in terms of visibility and to increase Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation of your company. ADVANTAGES

Indexing on search engines

For indexing refers to the way a site is reported and stored in the database of search engines ; to do this it is necessary to respect certain parameters, established precisely by search engines that, if well respected, will return your site as the best answer to the questions of web users.


Generally, the term SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) identifies all those activities (on-site and off-site) aimed at making visible a site on search engines, among the first results, in order to generate and / or increase the traffic to the site itself; all this is summarized in the concept of positioning the site on search engines .

We realize Professional E-commerce

We design professional E-commerce sites aligned to the fundamental parameters of search engines.
search engine friendly structure appreciated by search engines that facilitates indexing and inclusion in search engines.

Web site placement

The increase in advertising investments in the last year has been close to 30%!
For comparison, it is important to know that the increase in “radio” advertising investments (for example) was around 3%.
The “great planners” are intensifying their investments from traditional media to the internet.
The reason?

website creation

TopsuiMotori is able to satisfy any request for the design and development of web sites and portals, proposing the best solution for your needs with the help of the latest technology. 

Keywords Analysis

By keyword analysis we mean all the series of actions that are carried out by our SEO technicians, as a first step, to search and identify the keywords that reflect in the best way, the product or service that your company proposes , and for which wants to be found by users on the network, who are looking for that particular product.

We use the data to show you ads that may interest you

We try to show you ads that can help you, based on the data we collect from your devices, including searches, location, websites visited, apps used, videos and ads watched, as well as the personal information you’ve provided, such as the band age, sex and topics that interest you.


  • an evaluation of the main elements to be included in the new responsive graphics
  • the responsive website programming with the latest HTML5-CSS3 language, particularly appreciated by search engines
  • creation of your site on  CMS platform optimized for search engines with all the features that will make you independent in managing your content
  • creation of responsive websites: graphics that will automatically adapt to the smartphone / tablet and to the PC / desktop from which the user connects
  • in the case of a redesign of your website we create an import “script” that allows you to directly transfer all the contents (texts, images, etc.) from the “old” to your “new” site.

Recent Work

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Social Media Generation

Success Stories

GCAC has been our technical partner for more than 3 years, we are very satisfied with the results obtained so far and in continuous growth.

Angel Witicker

Head of Marketing, Extra Space

GCAC is the web agency with an extra gear. The team is very smart and coordinated by people who in addition to professionalism have the ability to assess the needs and requests of customers. All together they are able to solve problems and propose solutions that exceed expectations, without ever forgetting cordiality, enthusiasm and kindness.

Debra Becker

Founder & CEO

GCAC is a team of young professionals who lead by Marco analyze, manage and operate to achieve the required objectives. Always present and attentive, precise and punctual. I am very satisfied, the objectives have been achieved and we are already thinking about the next goals.

John Wise

Head of Design

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We are a Web Agency based in Padua, more precisely in Noventa Padovana. 
We manage projects in all their phases: from the creation of the site or the portal, to its promotion and visibility through search engines. 

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