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Digital Marketing is fundamental for a company . The exponential growth of tools and advanced digital communication technology has made the Internet the engine of the 21st century market.

How the ads work

Much of our earnings are based on advertising shown on both Google services, websites and mobile apps of our partners. Ads allow us to keep our services free for all users. We use the data to show you these ads, but we do not sell your personal information such as name, email address and payment details.

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Brand Design & Strategy

Particular attention will be paid to branding and publicity highlighting the role of the Union as sole financial supporter of both projects.

Social Media Management

The management of Social Networks provides a constant update to get the best results in terms of visibility and to increase Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation of your company. ADVANTAGES

Indexing on search engines

For indexing refers to the way a site is reported and stored in the database of search engines ; to do this it is necessary to respect certain parameters, established precisely by search engines that, if well respected, will return your site as the best answer to the questions of web users.


Generally, the term SEO  (Search Engine Optimization) identifies all those activities (on-site and off-site) aimed at making visible a site on search engines, among the first results, in order to generate and / or increase the traffic to the site itself; all this is summarized in the concept of positioning the site on search engines .

We realize Professional E-commerce

We design professional E-commerce sites aligned to the fundamental parameters of search engines.
search engine friendly structure appreciated by search engines that facilitates indexing and inclusion in search engines.

Web site placement

The increase in advertising investments in the last year has been close to 30%!
For comparison, it is important to know that the increase in “radio” advertising investments (for example) was around 3%.
The “great planners” are intensifying their investments from traditional media to the internet.
The reason?

website creation

TopsuiMotori is able to satisfy any request for the design and development of web sites and portals, proposing the best solution for your needs with the help of the latest technology. 

Keywords Analysis

By keyword analysis we mean all the series of actions that are carried out by our SEO technicians, as a first step, to search and identify the keywords that reflect in the best way, the product or service that your company proposes , and for which wants to be found by users on the network, who are looking for that particular product.

We use the data to show you ads that may interest you

We try to show you ads that can help you, based on the data we collect from your devices, including searches, location, websites visited, apps used, videos and ads watched, as well as the personal information you’ve provided, such as the band age, sex and topics that interest you.


  • an evaluation of the main elements to be included in the new responsive graphics
  • the responsive website programming with the latest HTML5-CSS3 language, particularly appreciated by search engines
  • creation of your site on  CMS platform optimized for search engines with all the features that will make you independent in managing your content
  • creation of responsive websites: graphics that will automatically adapt to the smartphone / tablet and to the PC / desktop from which the user connects
  • in the case of a redesign of your website we create an import “script” that allows you to directly transfer all the contents (texts, images, etc.) from the “old” to your “new” site.

Recent Work

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Social Media Generation

Success Stories

GCAC has been our technical partner for more than 3 years, we are very satisfied with the results obtained so far and in continuous growth.

Angel Witicker

Head of Marketing, Extra Space

GCAC is the web agency with an extra gear. The team is very smart and coordinated by people who in addition to professionalism have the ability to assess the needs and requests of customers. All together they are able to solve problems and propose solutions that exceed expectations, without ever forgetting cordiality, enthusiasm and kindness.

Debra Becker

Founder & CEO

GCAC is a team of young professionals who lead by Marco analyze, manage and operate to achieve the required objectives. Always present and attentive, precise and punctual. I am very satisfied, the objectives have been achieved and we are already thinking about the next goals.

John Wise

Head of Design

Let’s Get Started

Let’s start from the research action carried out by an internet user through the insertion of a keyword

Latest News

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is the most important aspect of a production system for a company. Anything can be sold if the idea and logistics applied in the marketing is done right. But dealing with a good marketing firm adelaide can be a tough shot because with the vastness of the field, there are hundreds of agencies that deal with this notion and serve an even larger extent of business companies. To increase your sales, have an enhanced marketing strategy and to direct traffic to your website; those are the main goals when concerning a digital marketing agency, let us help you deal with the right one:

Your business goals

Your business goals are the vital factors in composing a strategic marketing technique. If your goals are not correctly defined, then you are wasting your time searching for a good digital marketing agency. The reason is the statement is that the agency only works in promoting your initiated goals, they cannot define them for you hence it is important that you determine your goals and objective coherently before exploring further.

Expected services

There are certain services that you should expect from the digital marketing agency:
· Web design
· SEO abbreviated content
· Social marketing
· SMS campaign
· Content publishing
· Pay per click marketing

Defined framework

The outlined structure that your digital marketing agency will offer to you is another important factor that you should consider before hiring them. This framework is the key to achieving your business goals and acquiring financial success. It involves the basic fundamentals to refinement of your objectives in a structural manner; from your budget analysis, tools to be utilized and expected approaches and outcomes.

An empowering team

A good digital marketing agency will portray their team out to the audience in observance. They should have a diverse team of experienced individuals who are professionals in their field of work with attribution towards rich knowledge in their respective fields. The team of experts will have you define your goals with dedicated specificity as each goal would be handled by a subunit of individuals. Hence, the outcome would be efficient, immediate and intricately defined.

Relevant experience and tools

The digital marketing agency that you hire should have a relevant experience and good recommendations. It does not matter how long they have been in the field but how effective they were in the time period they were not stagnant. The questions that you should be asking is whether they are experienced in the services you require and are they suing efficient tools to market your product and website? If they speak to you how you prefer them to, then trust your gut and follow through with them but if you see them beings shady with their information, then back out as they could point towards potential trouble in the future.

Direct Traffic in Google Analytics: If You Know It’s Not Themes

When we talk about the direct traffic in Google Analytics, two fundamental root errorsoften emerge , among non-professionals but not only, on what the meaning of this item is.

The first is that direct traffic is almost exclusively attributable to users who have written extensively on the URL of your site in their browser (or have clicked on a bookmark / link in their favorites). The sevondo is that it is a negative factor, not because it penalizes the performance of the site, but because it does not allow a more in-depth analysis of the data.

The goal of this article is to unravel a little ‘fog around what is the traffic directed in Google Analytics , helping you to understand why it happens that Analytics loses data on the channel of acquisition of the user (social, email, advertising, etc. ). We will also look at some tactics to reduce the amount of direct traffic in your Analytics reports.

What is direct traffic in Google Analytics?

In a nutshell, Google Analytics reports Direct as the acquisition channel when it has no data on how the user arrived to visit your site, or when the source was configured to be ignored.

See it this way: direct traffic is the B-plane of Analytics that triggers when its algorithm fails to attribute the user’s session to a particular source.

To understand the causes and remedies for the attribution of traffic such as Direct, it may be helpful to understand exactly how Google Analytics analyzes and processes the traffic sources. This excellent graph created by Moz clearly provides you with the idea of ​​how the Analytics algorithm works. It should be noted that direct traffic is the last available option at the end of the chart.

In general, net of custom configurations made by who manages the Analytics account, the process of assigning the traffic source follows this path:

Google Adwords parameters -> Campaign parameters -> UTM parameters -> Search engine traffic -> Referral from another website -> Previous campaign within the timeout limit (default is 6 months) -> Direct traffic.

Google Adwords Works Really? The ABC to Invest Successfully!

When I compare with entrepreneurs interested in investing in online advertising, I often notice that there is still a lot of confusion about how Google Adwords works and what the marketing opportunities are available to companies.

Does Google Adwords really work? The answer is certainly yes, if you are able to use it! Let’s see together what are the basics that you absolutely must know in order to succeed on Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the advertising platform of Google that allows its advertisers to carry out targeted advertising campaigns on specific target users.

Some numbers on Google Adwords, useful to frame the importance of this platform for your marketing strategies:

  • The network of sites where you can publish your banner (Google Display Network) reaches 80% of the world’s internet users.
  • The first 3 sponsored ads get an average of 41% of clicks on the entire page.
  • The market share of Google Adwords in the digital advertising sector is 33%.
  • There are at least 300,000 smartphone apps on which you can publish your ad.
  • 70% of mobile users call a company or a store directly from ads on Google.

Google Adwords: basic glossary

In the next paragraphs you will see what are the marketing opportunities of Google Adwords. However, before starting, it is better to review some basic terms to understand the platform and its dynamics.

  • Clicks  – you do not need to add anything: it indicates how many times your ads have been clicked
  • Impression – impressions are the measurement of how often the ads are shown
  • CTR – indicates how many users who saw your ad clicked it (Impression / Click). It is one of the most important metrics of Adwords.
  • CPC – Cost per click, indicates how much a user clicks on your ad.
  • Conversion – is the measurement of the results you have achieved with your Adwords campaigns: how many sales? How many contacts? How many newsletter subscriptions?
  • SERP – is the acronym of Search Engine Result Page, nothing more than the page with the results that appear to users after typing a query on Google.
  • Quality Score – is the score that Google assigns to your ads based on a number of parameters such as: the relevance of your ad in comparison to the keywords used by the user, the match between your ad and the landing page, the historical performance of the ad. A high quality score allows you to spend less and get better positions.
  • ROI – is the economic return on your advertising investment. It’s your main performance indicator because it tells you if your campaigns are profitable or not.

These are some of the basic terms to know to understand Adwords, soon I will publish a new article in which you will find the complete glossary!

What types of advertising you can do on Adwords

When it comes to Google Adwords, the first thought is almost always text ads in SERP.

The Adwords offer is instead very varied and allows advertisers to reach users in multiple platforms and different contexts.

You can then tell your target users a specific message for each touch point in your sales funnel!

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